Custom car floor mats play an important role. Asides from upgrading your car’s interior, custom car floor mats and liners help to protect the factory carpet from getting stained.

There are different types of custom car floor mats, and they basically serve the same function. However, depending on the material used in making the mats, some tend to last longer than others.

While there are reputable brands out there that produce custom luxury car mats and carpets for cars, this article lists the top best options in the market.

Before listing the best carpets and mats for cars, it is important to note that there are many categories of custom car floor mats. The categories include luxury car mats, TPE mats, rubber car mats, leather car mats, car rugs, and liners. All these types of car floor mats are high-quality and durable; however, due to personal preferences and budget, an individual may choose luxury mats, and another may prefer TPE options. Now the list.

1. WeatherTech Floorliners

Budget: $229 CAD (depending on your vehicle model)

WeatherTech is a popular name in the market. The company provides top-quality custom floor mats for different vehicle models. Typically, WeatherTech Floorliners provide edge-to-edge coverage to protect the standard carpets in cars from getting messy.

This custom car floor mat from WeatherTech is quite affordable and taller compared with other closely priced liners. The design is such that fits - and covers - the space it is meant to protect. In addition, the lining pattern smoothly transfers fluids and dirt from your shoes to a reservoir area.

2. Carro Mats

Budget: $195 - $220 CAD (depending on our vehicle model)

Carro Mats are all-luxury liners that promise ultra-protection and maximum durability. These luxury car mats are custom-designed for all vehicle types. They are made from sturdy, premium fabrics, and they are available in different colors.

Apparently, you can use Diamond luxury car floor mats in all seasons; they add more shades of luxury to your car’s interior. The mats fit perfectly into the spaces they are meant to cover and protect.  More so, the mats are easy to clean. The material is waterproof, durable, and scratch resistant.

3. Husky Liners X-act Contour

Budget: $299 CAD (depending on your vehicle model)

The Husky Liners X-act Contour is a set of soft yet heavy-duty car floor mats custom-designed to perfectly fit various vehicle models. This set of car floor mats are sturdy and reliable and can withstand all weather conditions. You can use this mat on SUVs, Trucks, and other types of vehicles. Interestingly, this mat is designed with Husky’s proprietary retention posts to keep the liners in place. The sizes of these mats are precise for each vehicle model.

4. 3D Maxpider Classic Carpet Floor Mats

Budget: $205 CAD (depending on your vehicle model)

This 3D car floor liner is strongly built to last and endure all kinds of weather conditions. It is a vehicle-specific floor mat, which implies that you need to identify your vehicle make, model, and year to get the custom, best-fit liners for your car.

More so, the design of this mat is classy; it adds shades of premium aesthetics to your car interior, and the color complements virtually all car upholsteries. Maxpider designed this car floor liner using high-precision laser scanning technology to ensure the mats fit perfectly for all vehicle models they are made for.

Furthermore, the thermoplastic rubber surface is waterproof, and the patterns are technically designed. This custom car floor mat also features anti-skid backing grips to ensure firmness after installation.

5. Smartliner Floor Mat Liners

Budget: $159.99 CAD (depending on your vehicle model)

Smartliner custom car floor mats are crafted using a precise 3D scanning technology. This technology scans the interior of your vehicle to detect the exact sizes for the floor mats. Hence, Smartliner custom car mats fit perfectly on all vehicles. The mats are made from plastic-rubber blend and polyethylene; they won’t crack or bend, regardless of the weather condition.

Furthermore, the luxury car mats from Smartliner are sturdy and yet flexible, easy to install and clean. Whether you drive a car, van, truck, or SUV, you can get a custom-fit Smartliner car liner for your vehicle.